August 26, 2011 Tropical Update

Summary of 2:00 PM EDT

Hurricane Irene

Location: 31.2N 77.5W

Distance: 300 SSW of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Maximum Sustained Winds: 100 mph

Movement: N at 14 mph

Minimum Central Pressure: 951 mb

Hurricane Warning: Little river inlet North Carolina northward to Sandy Hook, New Jersey…including the Pamlico…Albemarle…and Currituck sounds…Delaware bay…and Chesapeake Bay south of Drum Point.

Hurricane Watch: North of Sandy Hook to the mouth of the Merrimack River in Massachusetts, including New York City, Long Island Sound, Block Island, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.

Tropical Storm Warning: North of Edisto Beach in South Carolina to the Little River Inlet; Chesapeake Bay from Drum Point northward and the tidal Potomac.

Tropical Storm Watch: None

Irene is a bit weaker than the 11 AM advisory and strengthening s not forecasted during the next 12 to 24 hours. After passing north of North Carolina, shear is expected to increase and sea surface temperatures will begin to get cooler. This should continue to gradually weaken Irene as she bears down on the Mid-Atlantic states.

With that said, Irene will continue to be a large and dangerous hurricane with the potential to produce strong winds, storm surge flooding, and extreme rain between North Carolina and New England. Irene will continue to move north for another 12 hours and then start a turn to the NNE as she affects every state along the east coast.

Please continue to pay very close attention to your local government and heed all of their warnings. Evacuate if you are asked to. Irene is poised to become a historic hurricane when it is all said and done. Stay safe !!

Summary of 11:00 AM EDT

Tropical Depression #10

Location: 14.9N 34.2W

Distance: 655 miles W of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands

Maximum Sustained Winds: 35 mph

Movement: NW at 8 mph

Minimum Central Pressure: 1009 mb

Hurricane Warning: None

Hurricane Watch: None

Tropical Storm Warning: None

Tropical Storm Watch: None

TD #10 is very far away from land mass. It is expected dissipate in 5 days.

Elsewhere in the Tropics:

Tropical formation is not expected during the next 48 hours.

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a meteorologist nor a professional; just a weather enthusiast. For the experts please go to:


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