September 1, 2011 Tropical Update

Summary of 11:00 AM EDT

Hurricane Katia

Location: 15.5N 47.5W

Distance: 1,050 miles E of the Northern Leeward Islands

Maximum Sustained Winds: 75 mph

Movement: W at 18 mph

Minimum Central Pressure: 987 mb

Hurricane Watch: None

Tropical Storm Warning: None

Tropical Storm Watch: None

Katia is still far out in the eastern Atlantic with no land in sight. Currently, shear and dry air are her main inhibitors towards strengthening, but that is expected to slowly diminish and allow Katia to strengthen steadily within 36 hours. The NHC forecasts Katia will be a major hurricane in 3 days.

Katia is expected to continue travelling west for another 12-24 hours and then turn towards the WNW as she approaches a weakness in the high. At this point, the models becomes more scattered on the possible future of Katia.

For the last 7-8 hours, Katia has been moving in a general west direction at 18-20 mph. The longer she continues to move west, the farther she will get before making her forecasted turn. The only concern I have is that the track keeps on bending to the left after each advisory. Time will tell………………………

This storm will be around for at least another 8-10 days.

Elsewhere in the Tropics:

There are currently two invests – one in the Gulf of Mexico and the other in the vicinity of Bermuda. The latter invest should stay away from land while the invest in the GOM will become a tropical cyclone within 48 hours. If you live along the Gulf coast, please stay tuned to the blog for more information in the coming days. This one has the potential to be a major rain maker.

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a meteorologist nor a professional; just a weather enthusiast. For the experts please go to:

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